Kimkins: San Diego County Victims Sought

If you were a victim of Heidi Diaz's Kimkins Diet Scam and you reside in San Diego County, or know someone who does, your help is needed.

Calling San Diego County…
by kimkinslawsuit

"If you were a victim of the Kimkins scam and you live in San Diego County, you can make a major impact in stopping Heidi Diaz’s Kimkins scam. Please contact me at or contact John Tiedt at for more information."

"If you are a former or current Kimkins member, you can still help by spreading the word to any San Diego County resident who joined Kimkins."

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mariasol said...

I really like the composite you made. It shows that she didn't lose that much weight between August and October, even though she surely must be 350+ in the P.I. picture. Provided she is 5'6" but as she has lied about everything else, who knows?

MrsMenopausal said...

Thanks, Mariasol. Who knows what's truth and what's fiction when it comes to Heidi Diaz. No matter what her height she's still short on honesty.