Dear Eating Disorder; Take This Job and Shove...


Dear Eating Disorder,

In the best interest of myself and my future, I hereby submit to you my resignation. An opportunity to work for Recovery has been presented to me that I cannot afford to let pass me by. Though this new venture will be difficult I am up for the challenge and more than qualified for the position. Please be advised that I will not be submitting the customary two weeks notice as my new position requires that I start immediately.

I did not expect to be leaving you on such short notice but, as you are well aware, the conditions in which I have been expected to work have been deplorable, inhumane, and are no longer acceptable. The strict regulations and practices required by your company have proven detrimental to my health and well-being. In contrast, Recovery has offered me a benefit package that you are unable to, and which is unsurpassed.

I will be leaving behind the doubts, insecurities, and secrecy so generously supplied to me throughout my stay here as Recovery will be guiding me to the materials I need or supplying me with the resources in which to obtain them.




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