Poll: Should The Door Be Closed To Pro-Ana Sites?

There are arguments for both sides when it comes pro-ana websites and the role they play in eating disorders. Are they dangerous for the health and well-being of those with an eating disorder, those teetering on the border, and those struggling with recovery? Or, do they play an important role, offering positive support for some? Should the door be closed on sites that promote anorexia? What is your opinion? What is your experience?

Please participate in the poll located in the sidebar and share your opinion/experience. If you'd like to elaborate on your choices with an explanation or discussion, please feel free to do so in the comments of this post.
Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

No, They should stay.
We all have our own mind, and we have the choice to visit them.
Ofcourse pro-ana sites can trigger some. But your neighbour can trigger as well by saying she looks healthy.
For those who are allready suffering from an ED it's very helpfull.
Atleast, I do not feel alone anymore. They are there for me when I want to recover, but they'r also there for me if I want starve.
I don't say all sites are good. of well intended. But Most of them are. The one I go to is very strict and reasonable. It may not maker me better or it may not make me quit. But it did stop me from commiting suicide. And I'm also very carefull about my health now.
I Don't say it's a good thing for everyone. But it certainly isn't a bad thing. Either way, even if the sites are prohibited we will find some other way to communicate. To be there when needed.

Stay Strong,


Anonymous said...

I took part in your poll, and I think "close them down" "they should be illegal". Seriously: For support for those who are struggleing, there are so many GOOD PRO-RECOVERY sites out there, read them! Get help. Reach out.

Why on earth would anybody be PRO-deadly-mental-disease?

Anonymous said...

They should stay open...how free is this country if we can't veiw the internet the way we want!!!...i do agree that they should put age limits on them, if you are willing to become pro ana you need to at least be able to vote....hahaha...But anyway that is like sending a drunk to rehab that does not want to go...you can't force something upon someone, we all have a mind of our own....Even if you get rid of the sites there was pro ana believers before the web and they will be pro ana believes after!!!