Progress: Eating Disorders Poetry

warning: Poem may be triggering


Brain dying
Skin freezing
Lips lying
Heart seizing

Hair falling
Body aching
Ana calling
I’m breaking

Voice shrieking
Insides tearing
Tears streaking
Soul baring

Ana slowing
Intense grieving
People knowing
No deceiving

Brain healing
Smile forming
Heart feeling
Skin warming

Ana whining
Body loving
Hair shining
I’m recovering

Written by: Jessica of Periwinkle Paradise

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Jessica says: 10% of the purchase price of ALL Periwinkle AND Dragonfly items AND Art pieces will be donated to NEDA - the National Eating Disorders Association - the largest National non-profit for eating disorder awareness. I look forward to raising awareness about eating disorders and helping those in need through this line of Periwinkle/Dragonfly Pieces and Recovery Art and to sharing these and all of my other pieces of jewelry with you!

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