Size Ate: One Woman's Search For The Perfect Fit

Size Ate is the one-woman show of Margaux Laskey which chronicles her struggles with eating disorders and body image. Slim fast dieting and dealing with anorexia at the age of 13, body image, culture, and food are some of the issues she speaks of.

Her blog describes her show as, "one woman's search for the perfect fit. whatever the hell that is. she’s eaten too little, she’s eaten too much, she’s weighed too little, she’s weighed too much, she’s been too little, she’s been too much. interested in exploring and challenging the culturally accepted standards of too anything and encouraging others to do the same. this blog and her one-woman show of the same name are expressions of this exploration. take a bite."

Most of us are guilty of the mindset that we'll be better off/more loved/accepted/worthy when (if) we finally manage to get down to size ____. Yes, life will be good then. Life will be perfect. We see ourselves as numbers. Numbers on a scale, measuring tape, clothing tag.

Size Ate "
chronicles this futile quest for measured perfection and -- in a unique blend of monologue, poetry, and song -- illustrates the often opposing internal and external forces that drive us to obsession, addiction, and ultimately, something like self-acceptance."

"By turns heartbreaking and hysterically funny, size ate is one woman's honest commentary on -- and coming to terms with -- the labels, images, and assumptions we all live with."

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