AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL: America's Obsession With Beauty

The brain child of director Darryl Roberts, the documentary "
America The Beautiful" is about the value of physical beauty placed on people in the US. Spurred by an article Roberts read online about a man who killed a model who refused to date him; "She was really attractive,' Roberts said. 'And he wanted to date her, but she wouldn't date him. So he said, if he couldn't have her, nobody could and so he killed her,"Roberts researched the subject, logging over 500 hours of film in the process. Armed with a set of questions, Darryl Roberts first interviewed 200 women. One of the questions he asked was "Do you feel attractive? Do you feel beautiful?" Sadly, only 2 women answered yes.

Traveling the country he set out to uncover why so many feel so bad about themselves. Speaking with those in the fashion industry, experts, plastic surgeons, and ordinary people Roberts collected the honest and sometimes confused views of those he interviewed. He calls the amount of women and girls with eating disorders and "epidemic." One model in the film, six feet tall and 130 pounds who was told she needed to lose weight said, "Health doesn't become an option in this business. If you want to worry about your health, go to college."

In an interview by Euan Kerr of Minnesota public radio, Roberts said, "You have all these multi-national corporations that are making billions and billions of dollars off of people feeling bad about themselves. We are just entering a further and further state of moral decay."

When asked what his goal was Roberts answered, "basically my purpose in doing the film was to put forth the message that we're all beautiful the way that we are ... so that we can recollect our self-esteem and just kind of take it back from the advertisers ..."

"...One of the most important documentary films of this decade.
Absolutely critical viewing." Samantha Urban

"America the Beautiful is funny, shocking, and enlightening and is important enough to merit as many people seeing it as possible." Samantha Urban

"...the shock will keep your eyes glued to the screen for the rest of the film."
Anton S

Viewers said:

"Powerful. Thank you Darryl..."

"Amazing, amazing film."

"Very insightful."

"So poignant. So right on point with his perspective."


America the Beautiful will be released in theaters this fall.

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Le-Chat said...

I saw an interview with this woman on French tv two days ago.
Scary! She looked so old...
Wish you good luck fighting anorexia around the world!

MrsMenopausal said...

Thank you, Le-chat. It truly is very scary and sad.

Medusa, has an excellent site that addresses eating disorders and has several posts about Isabelle Caro.
Medusa: Isabelle Caro

If you search her blog and you'll find more post about her.

Thank you so much for commenting. I really appreciate it.