Eating Disorders News: July

To Hell and Back: Appetite for Life Regained

Kate Benson Medical Reporter
July 26, 2008

IT'S been six months since Lucy Howard-Taylor wished she was dead. For almost four years, the demons of anorexia nervosa rode on her back, convincing her she was worthless, unattractive, dull and unnecessary in the wider scheme of life.

"I had some very poisonous conversations with my anorexic demon," she says as she recalls her descent into hell with a compelling combination of fragility and strength.

Howard-Taylor, 19, seems an unlikely hero in the war against eating disorders, but her new book, Biting Anorexia, is being hailed by experts as one of the "most stunning" ever written on the subject.

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Senate Passes Scaled-Back Mental Health Parity Bill

By Kay Lazar, Globe Staff

Patients with autism, eating disorders, substance abuse problems or post traumatic stress disorder would have greater access to treatments under proposed legislation that passed the state Senate today.

The measure differs from a more sweeping version of the "mental health parity" bill that passed the House earlier. That proposal would require insurance plans to cover all mental health disorders the same as physical conditions and would allow any treatments that were medically needed.

Both the Senate and House versions would maintain the current law's requirement that health insurers provide full coverage for nine of the most common psychiatric conditions: schizophrenia; schizoaffective disorder, major depression; bipolar disorder; paranoia and other psychotic disorders; obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder; delirium and dementia; and affective disorders.

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Quebec Considering Voluntary Charter Against Anorexia, Ministers Says

The Canadian Press

PARIS — Quebec is considering following France's example in the fight against anorexia, the provincial culture minister says.

Christine St-Pierre said Wednesday she is looking at tabling a voluntary charter against anorexia which fashion professionals, the advertising industry and media would be invited to sign.

She did not rule out resorting to tougher legislation if the results from the voluntary charter are unsatisfactory.

St-Pierre, who is also Quebec's minister responsible for the status of women, said she is very interested in France's approach to fighting anorexia.

"It inspires me a lot," she said.

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by low body weight and an obsessive fear of gaining weight.

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Family Meals Can Help Teen Girls Avoid Drugs, Alcohol

HealthDay News

Eating meals together as a family can reduce a teen girl's risk of turning to alcohol or drugs, a new study suggests.

In families who ate at least five meals a week together, the teen girls were much less likely to drink alcohol, or smoke marijuana or cigarettes five years later, said study author Marla Eisenberg, an assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Minnesota Medical School.

The same effect wasn't seen for boys in this study, although Eisenberg can't say why.

"One of the key findings we have here is for girls," she said. "We found girls who had regular family meals had half the odds of initiating cigarettes, alcohol or marijuana use in the five-year time period."

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London College Creates Eating Disorders Course For Parents

Eating Disorders Help Blog

Effective early treatment is paramount in a person's battle against anorexia, and the support of loved ones is a key part of that treatment. But friends and family members are often unsure of exactly how to be supportive.
"King's College London has begun a course to give carers necessary skills. The Collaborative Caring Course teaches the necessary skills to understanding eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia, and the consequential behavioral changes."

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Arielle said...

I'm so thrilled about Lucy! It's a pleasure and an honor to "know" her as a sister on WBB. :) I'm so proud of her and I think the world is at her doorstep. She's on to great things.

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I'm really looking forward to reading her book. If you can, please give me a heads up when it's available in the US. OK?

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