When You Can't Afford Treatment For Your Eating Disorder

The current condition of the economy is causing a strain on most everyone's finances. Finding the needed funds for treatment, medication, and therapy has become an increasing problem. Many are finding themselves unemployed with the additional burden of having also lost their health insurance. In increasing numbers, people are now faced with having to choose between purchasing medication, food, or other necessities. A very dangerous position to be in.

If you find yourself in this situation here are some suggestions that may help you.

Affording Doctor /Therapy Visits: (Renegotiate Fees/Sliding Scale) Many Providers are willing to base their fee on your ability to pay. Do not be afraid to explain your situation and ask to renegotiate the current fee. If they are unable or unwilling to do so ask them for a referral. You can also search online for services in your area.

Affording Medication: Medication co pays can be expensive. Without insurance, some medications are just too costly for some to continue to afford.
  • Most drug companies offer Indigent Programs or Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) that provide medication for free to those that cannot afford to pay for them. Ask your doctor about these programs. They can help process the paperwork.
  • Check out the website of the pharmaceutical company for each of your medications. See what programs they may have listed to aid those in need.
  • Call the pharmaceutical company that makes your medication and speak to them directly about what programs they offer.
  • Some companies like Walmart and Costco offer 30 days worth of medication for $4 / $9 for a 90 day supply. See if your medications are on the list of prescriptions they offer at these prices. Print these lists and show them to your doctor. Ask if your current medication could be safely replaced by one that is listed.
  • Request Generic. If your doctor okays it, consider switching to generics. Generics give a substantial savings in cost while still providing the same active ingredients.

Affording Hospital Care: Emergencies can result hefty bills when you're lacking health insurance or are struggling financially. If you find yourself in this situation contact the hospital's financial department and inquire about charity care. Your bill can be significantly reduced to an affordable amount and may even result in you owing nothing, depending on your financial situation. If you do not qualify for the programs they offer, ask them to suggest other options. They will be aware of many programs, charities, and organizations that may be able to assist you. Note* You cannot be denied necessary hospital care based on your ability to pay. It is against the law.

Affording Eating Disorder Treatment: There are alternatives available to help see you through when funds are low.
  • If you need treatment for your ED and cannot afford it there are scholarships/grants offered by several treatment facilities and organizations. Contact them and explain your situation. If they cannot help you, ask them for suggestions of others that you can contact.
  • Search the Yellow Pages for Support Groups in your area. Most have a minimal or optional dues/donation fee.
  • Contact a Teaching Hospital or Mental Health Facility. Some offer free services as part of their training program.
  • Online Support is offered on many ED websites and it's free. Those there will also be able to help guide you in your search for assistance.

Be sure to contact your local Department of Social Services. You may qualify for financial aid, free or reduced medical coverage, and other programs designed to help in times of need.

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Birds on the tree said...

When one has a clear and quite mind, the eating disorder will cure itself.

Lily Jane said...

Also would like to just throw this out there: http://www.mercyministries.org

MrsMenopausal said...

thanks, Lily Jane!