Poll: The New Year And Your Eating Disorder

How Does The Arrival Of A New Year Make You Feel About Recovery And Your Eating Disorder?

New Year's brings with it different emotions for different people. Some view it as new beginning and find strength and encouragement in the possibilities it holds. Others feel remorse for the year that has passed and the opportunities that slipped through their fingers. Some feel neither encouraged or remorseful. How do you feel about your recovery and/or eating disorder with the arrival of the new year? If you'd like to participate in the poll it is located in the sidebar.

If the poll is lacking words you find important to your Recovery and /or Eating Disorder please feel free to add them in the comment section of this post.

Completed Poll Results:

How does the Arrival of a New Year make you feel about recovery and/or your eating disorder? (choose all that apply):

Hopeful 32 (41%)

Renewed 16 (20%)

Fearful 25 (32%)

Anxious 29 (37%)

Excited 11 (14%)

Angry 8 (10%)

Depressed 22 (28%)

Strengthened 12 (15%)

Ready to try again 22 (28%)

Stressed 21 (27%)

Encouraged 6 (7%)

Pressured 24 (31%)

Inspired 13 (16%)

Despondent 2 (2%)

Proud of my recovery 10 (12%)

Hopeless 14 (18%)

Thrilled 5 (6%)

Nervous 30 (38%)

It has no meaning to me 6 (7%)

I'm not in recovery 11 (14%)

I'm in recovery 17 (22%)

I want to recover 31 (40%)

I don't want to recover 21 (27%)

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