Anorexia: What You Want, What You Get

Another excelent video by Holdingon.

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Heart Of The Dark said...

If you seek understanding, you will barely get, that`s right. It`s frustrating getting advices like "then learn to eat again" or comments like "in other parts of the world people are starving, because they have no food" . They get angry and call you just stubborn. Or you scare people off, because they think you are mad. Sadly, you will first realize it when you are already deep in the clutches of your disease. Nothing gets better when you are thin, only worse.

Jessi said...

People in other countries are starving, but they get help from that, anorexics have it in their mind. And everything gets better when we are skinny, never worse for us. I don't think you should make these allegations before you know how it is to be anorexic.

Tee Scientess said...

Actually, from someone who is an anorexic in recovery, Jessi you are wrong. Nothing gets better when you're skinny because you will never be skinny enough. You're trying to kill something on the inside and you will only end up killing yourself. And you can't tell me I can't understand because I STILL struggle. But I know I deserve to be happy and I can't be happy with my eating disorder, it destroys everything. If you don't end up trying to get help or push yourself for it, you will end up alone.