Magazine: A Song About Anorexia

By: TheSarahJade

Copyright 2007 - Sarah Jade and Anna Johnson

I was sitting in bed, I was maybe thirteen
When my life was turned around
She was tall, she was thin, she was out of this world
And she didn't make a sound.

I put the magazine down and I started to frown
As I sat on my bed alone
I'm not pretty or perfect, not tall and not thin
And my clothes aren't nice as those.
But someday I suppose

The next morning at school I tried hard to forget
The girl in the magazine.
But all I could see was the barbie doll crowd
And the way they looked down on me

I ran through the doors as I fought back the tears.
Today I would make a change.
Got some lipstick and hairspray and painted my face
And threw myself away. I threw myself away

I started to think about what others thought of me
Compared myself to the girl in the magazine
Then on tuesday the next week I didn't eat
Soon I forgot who I used to be.

Another year later I looked in the mirror and saw what I'd become
Like the magazine girl I was pretty and thin but inside it felt so wrong

My makeup was thick and my body was thin
To the world a perfect 10
But nobody knew me and nobody cared
In my circle of plastic friends.

I started to think about what others thought of me (who am I now?)
Compared myself to the girl in the magazine (what have I done?)
Then on tuesday the next week I didn't eat (I've lost who I am)
Soon I forgot who I used to be. (and who I used to be)

This story is sad. This story is true.
It happens every day.
When girls try to be like the girls that they see
and they throw themselves away. They throw themselves away.

So don't try to be like the girl in the magazine. (who am I now?)
let yourself shine be the one that you're made to be (what have I done?)
Dare to be different stand up so the world can see (I've lost who I am)
More than a page in a Magazine (and who I used to be)

She says, "I started to write this song thinking back to a very distinct memory of mine. This song is not just about me, but I'd like to share my personal experience with an eating disorder.

I was thirteen years old and my step-mom had bought me my first "teen vogue" magazine. I opened it up and was so surprised at what I saw. Before that, my eyes had been closed to the expectations of women and girls in today's culture. It was a long process, but to make a long story short, I became anorexic that summer. For three months, I barely ate anything. I felt weak...and I was unable to function properly. I'm so happy I was able to stop before I endangered my health, but I still struggle with body-image today. I'm constantly thinking about the way I look and thinking about what I should and shouldn't be eating. Girls...guys...anyone who struggles with're not alone!"

Anna Johnson


Angel said...

What a wonderful song and lyrics. It is sad to think about the expectations that we put on young girls and women in general in this society. Glad to hear that you were able to find healing and recovery!

MrsMenopausal said...

I totally agree with you, Angel.

Monch said...

this song says it all.. the pitfalls of not being who u are.. it encourages individuality and making the most of what u have..