Invasion Of The Body Snatchers: ED Poems And Writings

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Please ignore the aliens
They are taking over my brain
Impulses come and Impulses go
Hoping that my soul will still remain.

My soul is slowly dying
Remembering my past
The life and love I hold within
If only they would last.

The aliens within
Strip me of my Hope,
My Smile, My Strength, My Determination
I forget the tools to cope.

I know that I am worth the fight
I don’t like to admit
I can not do this on my own
As I reach up from this pit.

This pit of isolation
Desperation and Despair
I want to find my inner strength
To grow and become aware.

Aware of possibilities,
A life where I am free
Free to Learn, Love and Live
A life where I can see.

My truth that comes from within
I can see my outer strength
Strength to reach out, for your support
I will go to any length.

You are stronger, than this monster
That works to control my brain
With your hand, support and truth,
My soul will still remain.

By: Mary Pat Nally

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Anonymous said...

Its kind of touching :P