Artist Looking For Participants For Eating Disorders Project

Artist Raul Barquet (Rez) is looking for participants for an art project featuring eating disorders.

"The show is coming up in July and I am creating a body of work that consists of portraits of people with eating disorders along with quotes from people living with the conditions. I think this is an opportunity to create some conversation about a subject that is often not given much thought unless it directly affects you. I will be using photos sent to me, to paint portraits. I will need images and quotes from real people. Quotes should reflect the inner thoughts of someone living with an eating disorder."

Rez explains why he's focusing on eating disorders for this project. "Part of the reason I decided to start this project," he says, "was because when I found out that at least two of my friends have recovered from rather serious fights with eating disorders, I realized that the average person usually doesn't know enough about the subject. I felt ashamed that I had no idea what was going on in their personal life." After researching online, reading some blogs and websites, Rez felt like he had to do what he could, "to put this emotionally charged subject into my art," in hopes of bringing awareness and understanding.

The show will be held this July at:
Everything Goes Book Cafe and Neighborhood Stage
208 Bay St
Staten Island, NY 10301

The date has yet to be set.

The Opening and the Show are open to all who would like to attend.
I will be posting the dates of the show when they become available.

If you would like to participate please contact Rez at