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Simeon's Protocol and The Dangerous HCG Diet

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Actively Arielle: A Voice With a Commitment

This week's topic is about what is learned in recovery.

Specifically, I

1) share the 3 most important things I have learned in recovery
2) talk about the hardest thing I had to overcome
3) and tell the viewers one message I'd like to tell them about recovery and why it's worth it!

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Are You Eating With Your Anorexic?
Laura Collins

The Surface

I am so tired of hearing "at a better weight" "no longer skeletal" "maintaining a low but acceptable weight" and this sort of thing.

To me this is like swimming. You are either above the water line or not. It isn't a matter of how close you are to the surface it is about whether you get out enough to breathe.

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Margarita Tartakovsky

"Telling ED No!": Interview With Author Cheryl Kerrigan

Cheryl began struggling with eating disorder symptoms at five years old, and, for about 20 years, viewed ED as her world. Her story is another inspiring one that shows that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve struggled, you can recover. No matter how strong it seems ED is, you are stronger.

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Eating Disorders Coalition News and Information

Pediatricians To Screen For Mental Health Issues!
Shirley S. Wang

Pediatricians should screen children for possible mental health issues at every doctor visit, according to new, extensive recommendations a national pediatrician group issued Tuesday.

These doctors also should develop a network of mental-health professionals in the community to whom they can send patients if they suspect a child needs further evaluation, according to the task force on mental health convened by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The recommendations were made in a series of reports published in a supplement to the journal Pediatrics.

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Heather Blessington

Urban Outfitters T-Shirt Promotes Pro-Ana Movement

It seems “eating less” is cool these days according to Urban Outfitters. I guess it’s their hip and trendy response to the whole “obesity crisis” but perhaps they should ponder the repercussions of placing this shirt in their stores modeled by a pale skinny chick (that kind of looks stoned).

Irresponsible as hell.

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Voice In Recovery

Kendra Sebieius

Letter To Urban Outfitters Re Eat Less T-Shirt

To Whom It May Concern,

I am saddened and angered by Urban Outfitter’s carrying a T-shirt that says “Eat Less” depicted on a young woman. I honestly cannot understand WHO manufactured such a message and WHO would approve this at UO to be sold to a national audience of young women.

I am sure you have received plenty of emails from people stating that anorexia nervosa and eating disorders are no joke, and are deadly. In the United States, as many as 10 million females and 1 million males are fighting a life and death battle with an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia.

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