Recovery: Our Common Threads

We are unique. Each of us possesses a story, a history, a struggle, and/or triumph that will never be the same for any other person, anywhere. Our stories are personal ones. Not in the sense that they are private, without witness... but that they are simply ours, and only ours.

If you were to take two people and place them in identical circumstances you would, on some level, still get two different results because we take to each event, to each trial or celebration, to each moment in our lives... our uniqueness.

Though we are all different there is a common thread that links us together. Somewhere, in the fabric of one person's story, is a stitch or two that will resonate within us. A stitch or two that will feel familiar, connect us, inspire us.

I have never had a problem with alcohol but I can listen to a recovering alcoholic tell his/her story and I can relate. I may not ever fully understand what they are dealing with but that part that sought me out and connected with me will touch my life and change me. The underlying emotions can be so surprisingly similar.

Recovery is like that. Recovery is full of common threads. And common threads can change the fabric of our being. It is in the sharing of your own experience that can touch and inspire another who is facing their own personal struggle, or enlighten someone who is desperate to understand and help.

This is why I feature submissions by readers on Weighing The Facts and think they are so important. Because some aspect of your story will most likely reach out to another. The person who felt different and alone, finds they aren't so different. Nor are they so alone.

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