Recovery Links: As We Near The End Of Recovery Month 2011

Though National Recovery Month 2011 is coming to a close, the importance of recovery remains a daily focus. Below you will find some helpful links within Weighing The Facts to aid you with some of the aspects of recovery.

Reach Out for Help

Help Hotlines, Websites, and Organizations:

Eating Disorders

Males with EDs

Mental Health


Suicide Prevention

Domestic Violence 

Sexual Abuse


Relapse Prevention

Self-Soothing Techniques 

Using Affirmations 

Morning Recovery Affirmations

Bedtime Recovery Affirmations

NEDA Tool Kits

When You Can't Afford Treatment   


ED Information Links

*For more ED info please see sidebar drop down menu "ED Information."

Recovery Inspiration 

In the sidebar menu you will find drop down lists that link to Inspirational Recovery Quotes, Recovery Quotes of The Week, and Submissions (poems, stories, and personal accounts) by readers.

Recovery Is Possible! 

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