"It's Just A Phase," And Other Misconceptions

"It's just a phase" is a familiar statement that offers a bit of comfort when dealing with a frustrating behavior or interest. We have all had our experiences with going through phases of our own, or watching children skip through one phase to another. Much to our dismay one child may refuse to eat anything but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, one may have an attachment to a certain article of clothing that she/he refuses to stop wearing. Exasperating as this may be, we realize it's a phase. This too shall pass. So, when witnessing an odd eating behavior in ourselves or someone we love, we may be inclined to chalk it up to a phase and miss what is really going on.

This is just one of the misconceptions concerning eating disorders. Are you questioning if a certain eating behavior is more than just a passing phase? Read about the misconceptions of eating disorders here: Common Misconceptions.

picture source: MrsMenopausal


Vampire said...

That's what my mom said when I told her I always ate and threw up when no one was home. I've been doing it for years now... But I'm stopping. I haven't eaten today, only 175cals in liquids. I'm getting better =)

MrsMenopausal said...

Hi Vampire,
Have you talked to anyone about this? Check out the hotlines, websites, and organization list. You can find a link in the sidebar drop-down menu.
There is also great support to be found online. Something Fishy and We Bite Back are 2 good ones to start with.
I hope this helps.

Vampire said...

Nah I'm ok now =) I'm perfectly healthy, or at least going in the right direction =) Thanks though