Warning Signs of Bulimia

There are many warning signs that may help you determine if someone is suffering from Bulimia. Knowing these signs may save a life. Below is a partial list of warning signs. A bulimic may exhibit one, some, or all of the following:

*Binge eating and unable to voluntarily stop.
*Obsessive concern about weight.
*Guilt or shame about eating.
*Frequent use of the bathroom after meals.
*Stress eating.
*Menstruation cessation or irregularities.
*Emotional changes around food.
*Relying on the scale to determine the tone of the day.
*Feeling that their body is the only thing they have control over.
*Obsession with calories, fat, food, and/or weight.
*Several pound weight shifts that cannot be explained.
*Vomiting Blood, stomach aches.
*Broken blood vessels in the eyes.
*Chronic sore throats/swollen glands.
*Low self-worth/low self-esteem.
*Feelings of worthlessness after binging or gaining weight.
*Recurring Headaches.
*Hair loss.
*Broken, brittle nails.

Please see "Eating Disorder Help" in sidebar for helpful hotlines and links.


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