Don't Die For A Diet

When Would You Spot The Signs?
If you suspect your child is suffering from an eating disorder please check out this site that I came across today: Don't Die For A Diet.
"This site was created by a number of organizations, including AMV BBDO and Proximity London, in conjunction with beat.
It is designed to provide help and information for the parents of young people who may be affected by eating disorders."

See also: The Diet / Eating Disorder Connection

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Medusa said...

First of all, kudos to you on the great picture accompanying your post. It really grabs your attention.

Wow, what a website, MrsM. Don't Die For A Diet is a great resource site for parents.

What startled me was the change in the picture of the young girl as I slid the button along.

Thanks for all you do in awakening us all to the warning signs of eating disorders in young children.

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