It's Time To Talk About It: I Used To Know A Girl

I used to know a girl

A girl who was happy and free

That girl was me

But then ED hit

And she willingly welcomed it

Thinner and thinner she became

Anorexia was the blame

Faster and faster she would run

Killing herself before she was done

The girl soon became too ill

No longer did she have the will

To the life she had been handed

Anorexia had landed

I used to know a girl

Who could not feed herself a bite

Who knew she thought that wasn’t right?

The girl became so weak

Her life was truly bleak

But she did not see the failure

Just only the ED’s allure

Down her throat her hand slid

Nothing. So she cut her wrist and bled

The girl I knew did not flaunt

Because her life had no want

The girl you see

Is shamefully me

No longer is she a stick

Recovery left her stomach thick

Still, the girl has no want

And her ED is back to haunt

Really, she’s trying

But she can’t help the crying

Recovery hurts

But the

ED burns

Written by: Kourt
age 14


Angela Garcia said...

Wow that was an amazing poem and so moving, for someone who is only 14 but ED doesn't discriminate and you start withering away. Thank you for posting this.

MrsMenopausal said...

You're so right. Amazing and brave. I'm so glad she decided to share her poem here. Thanks for commenting, Angela. I love comments.

Dr. Gregory Jantz said...

Sharing stories is one of the most powerful ways I know of inspiring others to get help. Thank you and God bless.